WordCamp Miami’s First (And Probably Only) Photo Contest

Contest Open To Everyone: Even If You Aren’t Attending WordCamp Miami!

WordCamp Miami is celebrating our 5th anniversary in 2014 on May 23rd-25th. We wanted to do something for the entire WordPress community to say thanks for the support of the last five years. We went from barely 200 people at our first WordCamp to over 500 in 2013. In 2014, we are expecting close to 700. Even if you aren’t coming to WordCamp Miami 2014 (although if you aren’t, shame on you and your household) chances are you’ve been to a WordCamp before. And that’s cool.

“What Kind Of Photo Are You Looking For?”

Glad you asked. We are looking for any photo taken with a camera (in other words, not computer generated) that has the WordPress or WordCamp Miami logo in it somewhere. Here’s some random ideas:

  • Take a selfie with your favorite WordCamp shirt (Miami T-Shirt? *cough* *cough*)
  • Show off your WordCamp sticker collection
  • Share a great photo from a past WordCamp you’ve been at. Even if it wasn’t WordCamp Miami (although if it is, more power to you)
  • Pose your infant, dog, or action figure in front of a laptop with a WordPress logo on his/her/it’s forehead

Do whatever you want – as long as it’s WordPress themed, you’re good. You can also submit as many photos as you want – so go nuts.

“So this contest is open to anyone?”

Yep. Don’t have to be coming to WordCamp Miami 2014 or anything like that.

“How Do We Get Photos To You?”

You can email them to miami@wordcamp.org, publish them on via Twitter with hashtag #wcphoto or #wcmia, or share them with us at our Facebook WPMIA Page.

“What’s The Deadline?”

Contest ends March 5th, 2014 at midnight EST. We plan on announcing the winners a few days later on this site (follow @wordcampmiami on Twitter for exactly when that will happen).

“I like reading terms and condition pages.”

Here ya go.

Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary (2010-2014)